SureShift SB

Shiftlight System

Features Include:-

Satellite Shift Light Module

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  • Sequentially illuminated high intensity LED's allow the driver to perfectly time up shifts
  • Shift light levels set to the nearest 10 RPM
  • Ultra bright LED's can be clearly seen in the brightest sunlight and brightness is adjustable to prevent dazzle at night
  • LED array "strobes" at the shift point for maximum impact
  • Multiple colour LED array helps the driver establish RPM at critical points on the track
  • Low RPM warning LED instantly warns that driver when he is out of the power band
  • Connects to Control Module through a 1.8 Metre (6') flying lead terminated with a 7 pin connector



Normal Use

In normal use the user can use the control button to adjust the shift light brightness...

and turn on or off the low RPM Warning...


The system can be configured by the user to suit their specific vehicle.

The following parameters can be set using the control switch and using the shiftlight module to confirm settings

  • Shift down / Low RPM Level
  • First Pre-shift Warning Level
  • Shift RPM Level
    (Intermediate shift light RPMs are set automatically at equal stages between the First Pre-shift and Shift RPM levels)
  • Number of Engine Cylinders

As the settings are stored in non volatile memory, the system will not lose its configuration profiles when power is removed.


The Shiftlight and Control Modules are designed to be fixed into the vehicle using Dual Lock * (supplied) and can be easily removed and refitted as often as required.

The Satellite Shift Light Module should be positioned in the drivers field of vision and its pre-terminated lead connected into the Control Module. The lead has a pre-fitted rubber grommet so that if it is fed through a bulkhead the hole can be correctly plugged.

The Control Module has a flying lead wiring loom which is simply hooked up to a 12V supply, a good ground point and a coil negative or tacho output.

Note: Although this system is designed for use in a racing environment, the control module should be installed so that it is not exposed to direct water spray.

* Dual Lock is a registered Trade Mark of the 3M Company

Control Module


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