The SureShift Advantage

5 step sequential shift light ensures driver shifts gear at the optimum RPM

Independent studies show that even drivers who are running at the front of the field can be losing over a second a lap (0.1 - 0.2 second per shift) by inconsistent gear shifting.

SureShift has no moving parts and is accurate to 2 RPM, and this accuracy is maintained for the life of the product

When new, most conventional Tachometers are accurate to within 100 RPM in a steady state condition. However, in a dynamic situation, the accuracy deteriorates - due to inertia of the needle and damping - and in normal use conventional Tachometer are frequently inaccurate by 100's of RPM.

The accuracy of conventional Tachometers declines further with age as they have moving parts which wear.

Low RPM Warning provides an alarm whenever the engine is below its powerband

By providing a Low RPM Warning SureShift instantly alerts the driver that they need to change down. Otherwise, whilst concentrating on driving, the driver can waste vital seconds before realising they are in the wrong gear.

Allows the more experienced driver to see that they are using the right gear, and not dropping out of the power band, when exiting a corner or combination of corners.

Multiple colour LEDs allows driver to monitor gearing at critical points on the track

By using different coloured LEDs it is easy for the driver to remember what approximate RPM he is using at different times.

Provides excellent feedback informing the driver if he is using the right gear for a specific corner, if he has driven a section faster (by carrying a higher RPM at the end of it) and if the vehicle is geared correctly for the circuit (by noting the LED illuminated at the end of each straight).

Ultrabright LEDs can be easily viewed in the brightest sunlight and brightness is adjustable to prevent dazzle at night

By using ultra bright LEDs the SureShift shift lights can be clearly seen in the brightest sunlight.

As the LEDs are so bright the brightness can be adjusted by the user to suit the ambient light conditions.

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