Intelligent Tachometer System

Features Include:-

The SmartMax Advantage

SmartMax is an intelligent peak RPM Tell-tale that only records the "On Power" maximum RPM.  This means that high RPM readings caused - for example by wheel spin, a down shift or a missed gear - are ignored.

The SmartMax Tell-Tale works by only recording a maximum RPM value if the RPM has remained above that value for a pre-set number of engine cycles. The number of engine cycles is user programmable so the user can set up the system to suit specific requirements.

The system also records the absolute Peak RPM so events such as a missed gear are caught and automatically saves the last 4 SmartMax and Peak RPM Telltale values.

Typical Applications

Oval Racing - The system is particularly beneficial for oval racers as it accurately records the true maximum "On Power" RPM - vital for selecting correct tyres, tyre pressures, gearing and chassis set up.

Conventional tachometers are prone to providing misleading data, not only due to inherent inaccuracies in the instrument, but also because they cannot ignore high RPM spikes caused by variables such as ...

  • Wheelspin exiting a corner
  • Wheelspin caused by hitting a slippery part of the track
  • Continued wheel spin due to breaking traction on a low grip surface

By fitting an optional Shiftlight module the system can provide easy-to-read real time feedback that shows the driver the RPM they are using entering and exiting a corner. With this the driver can easily report back the approximate RPM at critical points on the circuit and also have real time feedback on how well he is driving.

Engine Monitoring - By recording the "On Power" maximum RPM the system shows if driver is over-revving, or under-revving, the engine under load. The Peak Max indicates if the driver is "buzzing" the engine in downshifts or missing a gear.

This information helps the team, or engine builder, advise the driver if they are using the engine to its optimum performance, or identfiy if the driver is shortening the life of an engine by frequently "buzzing" the engine or indeed if the driver is actually causing an engine failure by over-revving. Conventional tachometers can only record the maximum RPM, and can not identify under the conditions it occured - furthermore most conventional tachometers are not particularly accurate (and are usually either under damped or over damped) which means that the recorded Max RPM value cannot be relied on.

As the SmartMax Tachometer module is so quick and easy to install, and can be located out of sight, it is particularly useful for teams and engine builders who wish to monitor the use of the vehicle - without detracting from the vehicles standard instruments.

SmartMax Tachometer Module

  • Accuracy better than 2 RPM
  • RPM displayed to nearest 10 RPM
  • 16 Character LCD readout
  • Instantaneous response to change in engine speed - absolutely no error due to needle inertia, or over or under damping
  • Automatic save, and simple recall, of the last 4 SmartMax and Peak RPM Telltale values
  • Integrated key pad
  • Separate ready wired power loom with positive lock connector to plug into the Tachometer Module
  • Simple 3 wire "No hassle" hook up
  • Module can be disconnected and removed from the vehicle in seconds
  • Non volatile memory means all settings and readings are saved even if power is removed
  • Performance will never deteriorate over life of product


Normal Use

The SmartMax Tachometer Module integrates a 16 character LCD readout and key pad.

In normal operation the Control Module provides a high accuracy readout of the current engine RPM and at the press of a key the Max RPM values for the last run are recalled.

Using the keypad, the SmartMax RPM and Peak RPM for the last run can be displayed on the LCD. Max RPM values for the previous 3 saved runs can also be recalled at the press of a key.


The number of cylinders and SmartMax filter value can be set up using the keypad.

If the optional Shiftlight is fitted all Shiftlight parameters can also be set up through the keypad.


The SmartMax Tachometer Module is designed to be fixed into the vehicle using "Dual Lock" * (supplied) and can be mounted on any relatively flat surface and allows the modules to be easily removed and refitted as often as required.

A pre-terminated power loom is supplied which is simply hooked up to a 12V supply, a good ground point and a coil negative or tacho output and connects into the Tachometer Module.

Note: Although this system is designed for use in a racing environment, the control module should be installed so that it is not exposed to direct water spray.

* Dual Lock is a registered Trade Mark of the 3M Company


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